How to start a mechanic business in UAE

How to start a mechanic business in UAE

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How to start a mechanic business in UAE


How to start a mechanic business in UAE

To start  mechanic business can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. The need for qualified auto mechanics continues to increase as automobile design and technology change.

The following tips for starting your own auto mechanic business will get you moving towards a successful new career.

  • Know your costsKnowing the cost of starting your own auto mechanic business is the first step in the process.

This information helps you acquire the necessary financing to get your business off the ground. It also prevents unwanted shortages if you underestimate the cost of your new business.

The factors that contribute to cost include equipment and tools, certifications and licensing, insurance, and property rental.

  • Structure your business Businesses must determine their structure as part of the startup process. You need to consider liability issues when developing the legal structure of your auto mechanic business.

You’ll need to develop a business plan that will outline all of the needs of your new company. These include daily operations, financing, services, competitive analysis, target market, and projected revenue.

Legal documents related to your business structure must be filed accordingly.

  • Get certifiedAuto mechanics have certification and licensing requirements that standardize the industry and help customers find reputable and skilled auto mechanics.

Licensing and certification help you obtain the insurance necessary to protect you and your business. You may need to have a certain level of education or experience to achieve certification.

Check with industry resources to confirm the best ways to obtain all of the necessary certifications and establish a successful auto mechanic business.

  • Business permits– find out if your locality requires permits for your operation, and any inspections that may be required. Cost  for  Commercial license for mainland business set up
  • Initial Approval and tasheel AED 220 that is one time government fees.
  • Name Approval-AED 620 one time fee
  • License Fee
  • Market fees 5% of premises rent to be paid to Economic Department.
  • Overhead Costs :One should be prepared for contingent expenses and unseen problems .Once you’re running your own mechanic shop, you need to be prepared for more than just problems with repairing your customers’ vehicles:
  • Customers who don’t pay on time
  • Unexpected time off for your workers, due to sick days, vacations, etc.
  • Peak and slow business periods -fluctuations in demand for your services – put away some cash from busy periods to help make it through the lean times
  • Labor– Even if you’re a one-man operation, you may need help for handling the phones, handling billing and customer accounts, balancing the bank statements, or even maintaining the workshop. Don’t underestimate the cost (and value) of hiring additional manpower to keep the shop running efficiently. 
  • SpecializationsMany auto mechanics specialize their services. This can be a great way to gain traction in the marketplace while leveraging your unique skill sets.
  • Specializations can include domestic or foreign automobiles, repairs for collisions, and commercial vehicles. Some auto mechanics work exclusively on automobiles from certain manufacturers.
  • Understanding the services you’ll provide and taking advantage of any gaps in the market will help you determine if you want to specialize your auto repair services.
  • Develop your marketing strategyOnce you’ve established your auto mechanic business, you’ll need to spread the word about your services.
  • Acquiring new customers is the biggest challenge that businesses face. Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy provides you with a way to generate leads for your business and increase brand visibility.

You can offer discounted rates or special offers when opening your business to attract new customers. It’s important to have an online presence so that prospects can find you and obtain the information they need when looking for quality auto repair services.

These tips for starting your own auto mechanic business will help you get on the right track.

Motorists will soon be able to choose from the best auto workshops to have their vehicles repaired as the Emirates Standarisation and Metrology Authority (Esma) formulates a new system that will categorise and rate workshops according of their service standards and expertise.

Esma is working on regulations to govern the sector across the country that will set a minimum requirement in terms of skills of mechanics and service standards for a workshop to operate

Reach Online Accounting Software enables you to run your business smoothly. We at Reach will take care of these administrative jobs through our software while you concentrate on the core activities of the business.

Reach VAT Software has all the features which will easily sync into your business for   smooth functioning of business operations.

Reach Accountant Online VAT Accounting Software

It is well integrated to the  provisions making the mechanic business more VAT compliant and abide by to the above standards to make the workshops and service centre eligible.

Online Accounting Software to automate your Business

Our Accounting Software comes with features like Business Dashboard, CRM, Inventory Management, Billing & Invoicing, Repair Management, Accounting & Tax Management, Mobile App and many more.

Online, workshop management system designed to simplify the running of your business. With Reach Accountant online VAT accounting software you can easily organize all your daily activities from   your internet browser. Reach can be used by Automobile Workshops and Mechanic Shops to manage their Job cards, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting. Reach Accountant for a total workshop solution.

Top Features of the Reach Online Accounting Software  for starting mechanic business in UAE

  • Accounting Management
  • Tax Management:
  • Income Management
  • Expense Management
  • Invoicing
  • Print Tax Invoice In Arabic
  • Auditor View:
  • Check Post for VAT returns:
  • Automatic Update on Tax legal Sections
  • Filing Of VAT Returns
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Mobile Application
  • Bank Synchronization
  • Security
  • Run Business from anywhere
  • Free and Automatic Upgrades
  • No investment in expensive hardware
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • User Interface & Complexity
  • Scalability

Technology Used

Reach has implemented the latest technology Cloud Computing to handle day to day business transactions just  a click away from your browser from any part of the world.

Cloud Computing is a concept through which organizations can manage their data centres, processes and applications online via internet on the scheme of pay for use basis. Many of today’s small businesses find great advantages when adopting a virtual office environment. Rather than maintaining one centralized business location, employees are given the opportunity to work from home and connect via computer. Virtual offices can stretch across the country, or even exist within a small geographic area while still providing benefits to both employees and employers. Yet certain business functions need to be managed differently in a virtual environment. When it comes to accounting, a cloud system can improve virtual office management, especially for tasks such as expense tracking and financial report consolidation.


Improve the workflow of your sales data by connecting with Reach Accountant:

  • No double handling of accounts related data between your front and back office.
  • Parts are automatically added to Reach Accountant as items.
  • Invoices made are VAT compliant and is customized to workshops pattern.
  • Customers and workshops are well connected work status  are automatically updated and customer is kept informed about the progress of work.

Thus Reach Accountant software is well designed to match all the needs for successful running of the business. The software can be used in different industries  ,traders ,manufacturers, retailers,  workshop ,business projects etc. It is an accounting software that can automatically manage your book of accounts, taxes, inventory, sales, purchases and more online quickly and securely. 

Run and manage your  trade accounts in the cloud, Connect and collaborate online with cloud accounting. Reach has implemented the latest technology Cloud Computing to handle  day to day business transactions just  a click away from your browser from any part of the world.


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