By subscribing to the Reach Automobile Software provided by Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd , you (the “Customer”) are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


  • The duration of this Agreement (the “Term”) shall be ONE YEAR from the date of signing this agreement
  • For the duration of this Agreement, Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd gives the Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Reach software, under the terms set forth in this agreement
  • The Customer agrees that
    • You have seen a demo of the product and convinced yourself that it suits your business requirement.
    • You understand that the product is sold as-is-where-is and no further customisations are on scope unless agreed vide a separate written agreement for an additional fee.
    • You agree to pay the charges incurred by you at the agreed upon prices, including any applicable taxes on creation of account based on your subscription/ order form.
  • You are permitting us to create a software account with the e-mail id provided in the order form and you agree to :
    • Change the password immediately after creation and maintain the security of your password.
    • Maintain and promptly update the Registration Data, and any other information you provide to Reach Accountant and to keep it accurate, current and complete.
    • Accept all risks of unauthorized access to the Registration Data and any other information you provide to us.
  • Your software purchased will be active for a period of one year only. After which you will have to renew the subscription of 20% of your First Year Subscription to continue access. Otherwise your account will be suspended.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd reserves the right to revise renewal prices once in 3 years in case there is an escalation in cost. The increase is however capped to 50% of current cost..
  • All fees and Charges are inclusive of a Cloud Server Cost without data usage restriction. However, you agree that reach has the right to archive, zip and save data in a way which it deems fit to optimise the storage cost efficiencies.
  • All fees and charges are exclusive of all applicable federal, provincial, state, local or other governmental taxes, fees or charges. The Customer is responsible for paying all Taxes associated with purchases .
  • You understand that under No Circumstances will you qualify for a refund once the account is created
  • In the event of non-payment/ late payment, Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd. will be authorised to suspend any provision of services without prior warning till such payment is made
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd will not disclose the confidential information provided by the customer to anyone unless compelled by law to do so.
  • The Customer understands that his hardware, computing systems, Internet connections have to be  in good operational order to provide a suitable operating environment for the software.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd does not warrant that the Software complies with any local or international law or regulations.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd  does not represent or warrant that the Site will be error-free, free of viruses or other harmful components, or that defects will be corrected.
  • The Customer understands and acknowledge that as specified in the license of the Software and the Limitation of Liability section of this Agreement, Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd cannot be held liable for Bugs in the Software.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd  do not represent or warrant that the information available on or through the Site will be correct, accurate, timely or otherwise reliable.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd  may make changes to the features, functionality or content of the Site at any time without notice.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd  reserves the right in our sole discretion to edit or delete any documents, information or other content appearing on the Site which they consider inappropriate or harmful.
  • Should any dispute arise out of or in connection with this Agreement, you agree to reimburse Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd of any Legal Fee, Attorney charges, Travel and Incidental expenses incurred in protecting its interest in this agreement. The aggregate liability of Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd together with its affiliates arising out of or related to this Agreement will not exceed SGD 100. Multiple claims shall not enlarge this limitation.
  • In no event will Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd or its affiliates be liable for any indirect, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss of revenue, profits, savings, loss of business or other financial loss, costs of standstill or delay, lost or corrupted data, arising out of or in connection with this Agreement regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort (including strict negligence) or any other legal or equitable theory, even if a party or its affiliates have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or if a party or its affiliates’ remedy otherwise fails of its essential purpose.
  • Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd shall not be liable for the delay in any performance or failure to render any performance under this Agreement when such failure or delay is caused by governmental regulations, fire, strike, war, flood, accident, epidemic, embargo, appropriation of plant or product in whole or in part by any government or public authority, or any other cause or causes, whether of like or different nature, beyond the reasonable control of such party as long as such cause or causes exist.


Scope of Services


Setting up the Account


  • In case you need assistance in setting up the account and importing masters, you can seek assistance from the support team for a period of 30 days without additional cost
  • You will have to provide the data in the formats specified by Reach Team to avail this services


Training and Implementation


  • Reach Team will provide training to ONE of your key user on using the software
  • You will have to appoint a senior/management grade employee to take up the training
  • The training will happen free for 3 one hour sessions within 30 days from the date of purchase. The slots can be chosen by you from a given 5 dates of your choice
  • Training more than one key user and beyond agreed scope will be charged at $300/ session
  • Training will be done online


Support Scope


  • For the duration of this Agreement, Reach Process Outsourcing Pte Ltd offer a support service, with an unlimited number of tickets for bugs and functional questions.
  • This support service does not include support to customize Reach, develop new modules, or perform specific actions on your database on your behalf. (e.g. recording data, or configuring the system for you).
  • To get remedy on any Bug in the Software,  you have to raise a complaint  through the appropriate channel (email to helpdesk). Reach will look into Customer submissions generally within 2 business days or let you know a timeline for a fix.


Support Service


  • Support issues should be submitted to
  • In case of emergency, you can call our support teams directly for a real time answer.
  • Our support teams work monday to friday, excluding legal holidays every day from 10 AM to 6 PM
  • No guarantees are provided on the time to qualify or close a support ticket, it’s based on our best efforts. But 95% of the tickets are qualified within 2 open days, and 90% of the critical bugs (when a user can not work on the system anymore) are processed within 24 hours.


Service Availability


  • Customer databases are hosted in Amazon data center (AWS). We work with different hosting providers worldwide (and we can switch at anytime), but they always deliver at least 99.9% uptime guarantee. These metrics refer to the availability of the platform itself for all customers. Individual databases may be temporarily unavailable for specific reasons, typically related to the customer’s actions, customizations or upgrades.
  • Our data centers are Tier-III certified or equivalent, with N+1 redundancy for power, network and cooling.
  • You can check AWS Terms of service here >>

Backups & Recovery


  • Every database has backups every 3 hours  for up to 3 months
  • Every backup is replicated on 2 different machines in different data centers.
  • Users can download manual excel backups of their live data at any time.




  • All web connections to client instances are protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption. ( Bank level protection)
  • Reach help-desk staff may sign into your account to access settings related to your support issue. For this they use their own special staff credentials
  • Firewalls and intrusion countermeasures help prevent unauthorized access.